Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Proposal

If I haven't told you already, or you haven't guessed it yet - I'm engaged!! Here's how it all went down:

Aaron and I had been texting back and forth throughout the day and we decided I'd go down to his house in Provo after I got off work and he would come up here on Wednesday night. A few hours later I realized I had a doctor's appointment down in Provo on Wednesday and I'd be down there anyways. Aaron said he would go ahead and come up to my house. He actually beat me there! I had to run a few errands after work and got home around 6.

When I got there I started preparing a simple dinner, chicken salad sandwiches. I took a huge shortcut and used canned chicken because I was already hungry and didn't much feel like cooking. We ate dinner sitting next to each other on my sad excuse for a couch like we always do. After we ate we went outside for a bit and were looking at my backyard (If you saw it you would understand) before deciding to go on a walk. We put the dog on a leash and walked a few blocks. After we got back to my house I was telling Aaron how in the summer there is a water fountain at the mall by my house and they have live music. Similar to The Gateway, kids run and play in the water fountain. I was telling him it is nice to get frozen yogurt and sit and watch the kids play. I told him I wondered if it was open and he suggested we go to City Creek because we for sure knew it was open. Usually when he comes up here if we go anywhere we take my car, and vice versa, if I go down to Provo we take his truck. I hopped in my car and he said he had to get his wallet out of his truck. Little did I know, he was getting the ring!

We didn't want to pay for parking at City Creek, so we drove around to the north side of the Temple and walked in the Temple gates. I figured we would just walk straight through to City Creek, but when he gently tugged my hand in the direction of the reflection pool I was a little suspicious. I didn’t question it and I just followed along. We walked on the south side of the Temple and were pointing out how the stars at certain points were right side up and how some of them were turned. Then we got to the pool and sat on the bench. I was looking up at the top of the Temple and was talking about the Sun, Moon, and Star symbols (for an explanation of what they mean click here and scroll down to Temple Symbolism) and pointed out the clouds. I felt something on my finger so I looked down; he had slipped a ring on my finger and said, “Kayleigh, will you marry me?”

Of course I said yes! And since I’m such a baby I instantly started crying, we hugged and kissed (don’t worry, we kept it PG) and I cried some more. We sat and talked for a little longer before walking the rest of the way around Temple Square. We did eventually make it to City Creek, but it was after all the shops were closed. We also drove around the Capitol Building; I wanted to get out and walk down to the park, but it was dark and we decided we'd go back another time with the kids. I had a perma grin for the rest of the night! 

Aaron said he has had a ring for about a month now. He also said he was going to propose last week, but the weather wasn't cooperating. I'd told my mom yesterday that I thought he was going to propose, but when plans changed and he ended up coming up here I didn't think it would happen... But I'm so glad it did!

Sorry for the bad pic, it is hard taking a picture of yourself when you can't see what you are doing! You can totally tell I had been crying, too!


Tracy said...

Cute! Congrats girl. I want to see a pic of the ring! :) So happy for you. Hopefully I will be next.... PLEASE!!!!

Crystalyn said...

That's so adorable, congratulations again!

Cristina said...

aww congratulations!! so exciting!

Sarah said...

Congrats girl!!! I'm so happy for you! :)

lexdewitt said...

Aww, so sweet! Congratulations!

Jenny said...

Congrats!! So fun.