Friday, August 24, 2012

6 Month Closet Challenge

I have way too many clothes - That's not the problem. Ok, maybe it is. But another problem is that I don't wear most of them anyways. I've seen this idea on Pinterest and other blogs and figured I'd give it a go. Here is a picture of my side of the closet.

Yes, I sort my closet by color - It just makes finding clothes so much easier! I have an extra closet rod that hangs from the first one. I got it from Walmart, it is this one. What you can't see is that some of my clothes spill over into Aaron's side. I also have some winter clothes in plastic totes under the girls' bed. Oh yeah, and all of my dresses and skirts are hanging in the girls' closet too.

See how the rod is bulging? That's even after I've adjusted it a little bit for the picture!All of my jeans are on the top shelf (can you see how many pairs I have? Half of them need mending or I'm too chubby for. Le sigh), along with special shoes that I keep in their boxes.

Getting to the point - If you'll notice, I've turned all my hangers the wrong way on the closet rod. The idea is that if you wear one of the items, hang it up the right way after you're done wearing and or washing it. After six months any clothes on  hangers that are still the wrong way should be donated.

I've set the calendar on my phone for six months... Let's see how I do!


Michelle said...

You can donate any backward hanging clothes to my closet in six months. I won't be offended.

T-Ray said...

I have also seen this on Pintrest. It is a good idea. Maybe I should do it too. Although I have come back to some of my clothes that I had not worn in years and it became new to me and I love it all over again. Either way.... I should probably go through my closet again.